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The event schedule in Maricourt, QC for Labir Day weekend is canceled to to circumstances beyong our control. We are very sorry for the inconvenince.


We will have the 2023 event this fall in Maricourt, QC, Canada

JUDGE (pdf)


Those are fees if paid before August 10 th, 2023.
Fees will be more expensive on location and subject to availability
FORMS Before
August 10 th, 2023
1.- BHP3 Test (pdf) $20.00 USD $30.00 USD
2.- BLOOD Test (pdf) $100.00 USD Close after
August 10 th, 2023
3.- Gun Shyness (pdf) $10.00 USD $15.00 USD
4.- SHOES Test (pdf) $100.00 USD Close after
August 10 th, 2023 
5.- WATER Test (pdf) $20.00 USD $25.00 USD
6.- ZUCHTSCHAU Entry (pdf) $30.00 USD $35.00 USD

 Payment options

 FEES via PAYPAL (US funds): Click on PayPal bottom wake selection of the test you want to enter and fill up the form for EACH dog you want to enter, sent the original sign form to Milissa Sibley,

11834 Ashton Rd, Clear Spring, MD, USA, 21722
BY CHECK US FONDS: send check and original signed forms to Milissa Sibley 11834 Ashton Rd, Clear Spring, MD, USA, 21722


 USD0 years representing the breed for Canada & USA with the standards of FCI for standards.

 We are full members of the WUT and DTK division for those 20 years.

NATC is working to keep the Teckel as a versatile hunting, working breed with health, soundness and great temperament.  


Enjoy watching this video regrouping members, events, judges, funs, hunting test and conformation evaluation.