What we do

NATC members at the first workshop (March 2000)
The first official NATC Blood Tracking Test (SchwhK/NA): Larry Gohlke's Czar got the title and the third prize. Judges included John Jeanneney, Herr Wolfgang Ransleben and Carrie Hamilton

The Club strives to accomplish its mission by:

    • Developing and conducting hunting tests designed to evaluate the hunting qualities of dachshunds
    • Offering club members opportunities to train their dogs by organizing workshops
    • Sponsoring conformation shows to educate breeders and owners about proper conformation through detailed judge's evaluations
    • Applying a rigorous screening process to identify dachshunds that are suitable for breeding as outlined in FCI Standard 148
    • Bringing together those that believe in the NATC mission so that ideas can be shared and advice can be offered
    • Encouraging sportsmanlike behavior in all activities involving dachshunds