The NATC sponsors conformation shows with rigorous standards. The primary objective of these shows is education through the judges' detailed evaluations and identification of dachshunds that are suitable for breeding. Competition is not the primary consideration.

NATC Shows are judged under FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) rules wherein each dog is judged against an international standard (FCI standard 148). For example, among many points, the FCI Standard prefers the weight of a standard dachshund to be a maximum of 9 kilos (about 20 lbs.) and the ground clearance to be one-third of the height at the shoulder. Miniatures and the even smaller "rabbit dachshunds" are measured, weighed and categorized by chest circumference. The Standard also pays keen attention to complete and proper dentition. Judges make detailed evaluations orally and in writing and certify dogs for breeding as "Very Good" or "Excellent".