Breeding and Registration

NATC Zuchtschau 2001: Herr Hans Woerdemann is evaluating aloud a teckel handled by Phil Bird. Anke Masters is translating.
These puppies are raised in a healthy, clean environment, which would have to be approved by an NATC Breed Warden.

The process of breeding dachshunds that are eligible for DTK pedigrees is highly regulated. Following are some requirements:

    • A breeder has to be a member of the DTK and he/she has to register his/her kennel with the DTK. A proposed kennel name is published in Der Dachshund and in the Teckel-"breed book”. A breeder is allocated a code, which will be used for tattooing puppies.
    • Both parents, dam and sire, of the prospective litter must meet the fallowing breeding eligibility criteria: a conformation rating of Excellent or Very Good, DNA profile and parentage verification.Temperament testing (eitheir BHP1 or Water Test or Gun Shyness Test together with a hunting test such as Blood Tracking Test) and genetic testing for OI for wire-haired Teckel
    • A breeder has to report a litter to the Breed Warden. The Breed Warden will inspect the litter when the puppies are between 8 and 12 weeks of age. He/she will also check the ISO microchips of the puppies or tattoo the puppies at the same time, as well asto take blood samples of each of the puppy for storange in the DTK blood bank for periodic checks, DNA profile prior to breeding or possible health check