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Fall August 29-30-31 Sept. 1, in Maricourt, QC, Canada

1.-BHP Schuss & Wasser Maricourt Form

2.-BHP Test QC 2019 (BHP-1:obedience, BHP-2: find handler, wait for handler fornt building)

3.-Blood tracking Maricourt2019 (20 hours old track, 3 x 90 turns, 1to 1,2 km long)

4.-Gun Test Maricourt Form (reaction to gun shuts)

5.-Water Maricourt Form (duck retrieving)

6.-Zuchtschau Entry_QC_2019 (conformation)



BHP 1: no age restrictions, it involves, heeling (walk by side of handler with or without leash with obstacles), recall, 5 min. down-stay with distraction, reaction to noise, reaction to people, reaction to traffic, bycicle, person with newspaper and umbrella

BHP 2: search for handler, 5 minutes wait outside buiding

BHP 3: toy retrieving from water 

Water: Duck retrieving from water with 2 gun shots

Gun Test: Dog in a field away from handler, no E collar allowed, 2 gun shots, teckel may not show fearful reaction

The mission of the NATC is to preserve the dachshund's hunting heritage, to promote their usefulness in the field and to support the breeding of dachshunds with sound bodies and stable temperaments.


NATC is a full member group of the Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V. (DTK), the parent club of the breed. The DTK owns and maintains  the international standards for the 9 Teckel breeds, The DTK is part of the FCI, the JGHV and the WUT.


The NATC represents the FCI standard #148 for Teckel in the USA and in Canada. It holds conformation shows and hunting tests following DTK/FCI rules with DTK/FCI judges and all results are officially entered and recorded in the DTK breed books. NATC breeders follow the strict breeding regulations of the DTK. NATC litters receive DTK/FCI pedigrees




                            We are a " Gruppe "of DTK                                       Member of WUT


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