Woodchuck Hunting

A longhair miniature, Yagi von Moritz, successfully worked this chuck at the first NATC Natural Den Test

Small dachshunds (those with a chest circumference 14" inches or less) are very useful for locating and baying woodchucks (groundhogs) in dens. Dachshunds have good noses and can accurately locate the chuck underground. They will sometimes bolt the woodchuck. If the woodchuck digs away from the dachshund, the dachshund, with experience, will relocate the rodent. Most small dachshunds are not so aggressive that they get seriously bitten by the woodchuck, but they are keen enough to stay with their quarry underground. When using a dachshund for any kind of underground work, a transmitter collar is highly recommended. By using the collar, the diggers can more accurately pinpoint the location of the dog underground and save digging time.