Mike Nothstein is all smiles sporting an NATC T-shirt and a DTK hat

If you believe a dog should be able to do what it was bred for and look sound and beautiful while doing it; if you are interested in hunting; if you enjoy doing things with your dachshund companion and you want to try new challenges, then perhaps NATC is a club for you.

NATC offers training workshops, shows and hunting tests. As a member of DTK by affiliation you receive the DTK magazine Der Dachshund (in German). We translate some articles and publish them in our own Newsletter - Teckel Talk. If you are a breeder and breed according to the DTK regulations, your puppies may be registered with the DTK.

How to Apply:

The NATC has a status of a "Gruppe" in the DTK and therefore you need to fill out two membership forms - one for the NATC and one for the DTK.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with our BylawsMission Statement, and Code of Ethics. Once you decide that you would like to join the NATC, you need to fill out the NATC membership application form, sign the Code of Ethics and send both along with the check to our treasurer:

 Milissa Sibley, 11834 Ashton Rd, Clear Spring, MD, USA, 21722

Your name will be published in the NATC newsletter, Teckel Talk. Barring any objections, the DTK membership application will be sent to you to fill out and return.

The membership fee is US$60.00 per person and $30.00 per additional member of the household. If one person from a household joins, then he/she has to join as a full member (Vollmitglied). Additional applicants from the same household join as "family members" (Familienmitglied).

The check should be payable to the North American Teckel Club and sent with the NATC application. The fee also covers subscription to the DTK newsletter Der Dachshund

Download the NATC Membership Application
Download the NATC Code of Ethics, which you need to sign
Download the NATC Bylaws