Breed Warden

Anke Masters, NATC Chief Breed Warden, is inspecting the first NATC, DTK-registered litter of wires bred by Lore Mahler

Many American and Canadian dachshund breeders are not familiar with the concept of Breed Warden. In the DTK system the Breed Commission, the State Breed Wardens and Group/Section Breed Wardens are available to all members for advice in breed matters. They supervise the breeding and observance of the breeding regulations. Responsibilities of the Breed Warden are numerous:

1. Kennel inspections

The Breed Warden is authorized to inspect the kennel at anytime in order to advise the breeder. A kennel inspection must be conducted: after the application for a kennel name, as a routine check with every litter inspection and as needed.

2. Litter inspections

The litter inspection shall be conducted no earlier than 8 weeks and no later than 12 weeks of age and it consists of:

2a.  Inspection of the kennel

2b.  Examination of

  • The required documents
  • pedigrees - in accordance with the litter registration application, age of the parent animals on the day of the mating, check of the tattoo number of the bitch, Formwert (rating), chest circumference, eye examination, litter spacing
  • vaccination records of the bitch and the puppies - primary immunizations of the puppies against SHLP
Puppies are tattooed for identification purposes

2c.  Evaluation of the litter. The bitch and puppies are physically examined and observations are noted concerning the following:

  • bitch - dietary and health condition, check for scars of cesarean section.
  • puppies - dietary and health conditions. Readily recognizable faults in the puppies are noted in writing.

2d.  Tattooing of the puppies